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J.M DeBord

The most trusted name in dream interpretation

J.M. DeBord author

Know your nightmares


Books by J.M. DeBord

"One heck of a dream interpreter!"
George Noory praises author jm debord
George Noory
Popular radio and tv host
"Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by dreams and always wondered if they meant something. Then one day I was listening to Coast to Coast AM radio show... "Dream Symbolism & Analysis" with Mr. J.M. DeBord. I was so impressed... These books are an awesome study guide. Written as something simple and beautiful, and helping people to be able to understand their dreams."

Owls School of Dreaming

learn the wisdom of dreams!
radowl guided dream interpretation

Core Lessons

Learn the language of dreams and the essential skills and knowledge for understanding their meaning.

Master Course Bundle

For students who want to master the knowledge and skills to interpret dreams.
radowl's intro to dream interpretation course

Crash Course

Discover RadOwl's 3-step process of dream interpretation and story analysis in a crash course.
"With his insightful online classes chock full of easy to understand information on how to interpret dreams, I am hooked. It is one "aha!" moment after another."
Lisa Hagan
President, Lisa Hagan Books