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author and dream interpreter jm debord
J.M. DeBord:

J.M. is represented by Lisa Hagan Literary Agency

All media and publishing inquiries to Lisa Hagan

Phone: (434) 636-4138 Email:

Books by J.M. DeBord

The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings

Amazon #1 New Release and Best Seller in Dreams!

Published by Visible Ink Press, June 2017.

All-in-one reference book for dream interpretation.

Demystifies dream interpretation.

Simple, effective, and modern.

“I have read MANY books about dreams and dreaming including owning several dream dictionaries. JM DeBord’s The Dream Interpretation Dictionary includes so many more topics than the others that it has become my #1 ‘go to’ book when examining my dreams.”

-Robert Sharpe, Radio Host

RadOwl’s Crash Course in Dream Interpretation

In two hours you can learn how to interpret dreams like RadOwl!

The first lesson is only ten minutes long and introduces RadOwl’s 3 simple facts about dreams + 3 simple steps to interpret them.

Next you’re ready for the dream interpretation demonstrations. Learn by example through fascinating examples.

Available as ebook and audiobook.

Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret, and Live Your Dreams
Dreams 1-2-3: Remember, Interpret and Live Your Dreams

Praised for being easy-to-read and thorough.

Published by Hampton Roads, Nov. 2013

A guide to working with dreams and interpreting them.

Packed with illuminating examples and discussions.

“Wonderfully written with deep insight. J.M. DeBord is fantastic at interpreting dreams and gives a ton of detailed and valuable information on how to do so yourself.”

Amazon reviewer ReFineJ

Something Coming: a New Age Thriller

Published by the author, 2009

A New Age Messiah returns to life to save humanity during its darkest hour. To the secular world, he’s a savior who can reach across political and ideological divides. To religions around the world he’s the fulfillment of prophecies about the Second Coming. But some people see the Antichrist afoot and will do anything to stop him.

It’s a recipe for Armageddon!

Something Coming synthesizes the world’s numerous spiritualities, with history, with the contest between the Light and the dark, with adventure, depth of character and suspense. It’s a “must read” for people who love to explore philosophies and ideologies in totally absorbing fiction.”

-D. Gulick

J.M. DeBord – Dream Expert

“One Heck of a Dream Interpreter!”

-George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

J.M. has taught millions of people around the world how to understand their dreams, reaching them through media appearances, books, podcasts, videos and his contributions as a moderator at

“Dream expert” is a heckuva title to tag yourself with, and it’s true of J.M. George Noory, a media host who has interviewed many dream experts, grilled him for five hours over the course of two guest appearances before declaring him to be “One heck of a dream interpreter!” Dozens of other media personalities and thousands of his students say the same.

J.M. DeBord – Creator of and

J.M. created Dream School, a comprehensive online school for dream interpretation.

More than 2,000 students in 200 countries have taken Dream School courses!

And he’s the creator of the DREAMS 1-2-3 (D3) Dream Interpretation System.

His goal is to teach everyone how to interpret their dreams through three steps:

  1. Break down the dream into story elements and narrative components
  2. Interpret the symbolism and analyze the story
  3. Connect the dots in context and reflect on  your life

J.M. before giving a workshop on dream interpretation
Speaker & Lecturer

J.M. speaks publicly about subjects related to dreams and gives presentations, lectures, and workshops.

He has been a featured speaker at health spas, bookstores, libraries, and community centers.

J.M. appeared as a guest on A Deeper Journey w Sher Safran

Media Personality

J.M. has appeared on media programs with international reach such as Coast to Coast AM, The Moore Show (UK), Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett, and A Deeper Journey with Sher Safran. With more than 100 media appearances, J.M. has proven to be a popular and enlightening media personality.

He was quoted extensively in this Boston Globe story about online dream communities, and in Woman’s World, Daily Om, and InnerSelf.

Voice Actor

J.M. is an ACX audio producer and narrator. His voice and audio skills are in demand. Listen below to hear why.

Reddit Moderator is one of the world’s largest social sharing platforms, known for its open discussions and wealth of information. In 2010, a user known as RadOwl appeared on the scene and started offering dream interpretations and answering questions.

Redditors responded enthusiastically to DeBord’s style of showing different ways of viewing a dream and how to interpret it.

Reddit Dreams - RadOwl

On any given day, you can find him at Reddit Dreams offering dream interpretations and advice to all comers. Most Redditors who encounter him there do not know he is a Best Selling author and renown dream expert. He’s just “Rad.”

J.M. is a community moderator of subreddits for dreams, Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, Past Lives, Reincarnation, and Balintawak